Citation Mustang

Citation Mustang

Citation Mustang
Since June 1911, Clyde Cessna built his own aircraft and flew between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains which is the first start of the Cessna company. Years later their latest model was created in 2007, the Citation Mustang, is a powerful jet but maintains its light, aerodynamic shape to cruise over weather with streamline ease of flying at a maximum of 1,200 nm and cruse speed at 340 ktas.
Having the seating capacity up to 5 people, it is the smallest jet best for short travels. The cabin space is measure at 9 ft 9 in at length, a width of 4 ft 6 in, and height in 4 ft 5 in, which creates a space-effective atmosphere during the flight with enough swivel room, recline leather ergonomic seats, work tables, storage consoles and power outlets for comfort in a small sized jet. The baggage capacity is measured at an impressive 63 cu and holds up to a weight of 718 lbs. for all five passengers which is a unique feature for a light jet of its size.
The Citation Mustang is a powerful performance jet for the modern business as it provides the safety of travel and navigating through all types of weather which making it the highest performance of its size. Its strongest attribute is the Garmin G1000 integrated avionics suite and three easy to scan flat-panel screens which increase the pilot’s situation awareness and lessens the workload.

Mustang interior



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