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Phenom 100 Private Charter Flights

Embraer Phenom 100 is a very light jet (VLJ) popular in the private jet charter market due to its performance, comfort, and cost-effectiveness. Embraer Phenom 100 private jet charter stands out in the market due to its combination of performance, luxury, and operational efficiency. It is ideal for short to medium-haul flights and provides passengers with high comfort and safety.

Phenom 100 Charter Rates

The average cost to charter Phenom 100 is around $3,200 per hour.

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Charter a Phenom 100 Private Jet

Phenom 100 Overview

The Phenom 100 represents a top choice in the private jet charter market due to its robust engineering and advanced technology. This aircraft is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW617F-E turbofan engines, which propel it to a maximum cruising speed of 390 knots (449 miles/hour), with a range of up to 1,178 nautical miles, facilitating efficient regional travel. Its more refined iteration of the original model, the Phenom 100E, brings several noteworthy improvements that enhance its performance and passenger experience. Notable upgrades include new multifunction spoilers that improve the aircraft’s aerodynamic efficiency and handling characteristics.

The Prodigy Flight Deck is central to the Phenom 100’s appeal. It is an intuitive avionics system based on Garmin’s renowned G1000 suite. This system features three 12-inch high-resolution displays that consolidate critical flight information and navigation data, enhancing pilot situational awareness and safety. These advanced avionics are instrumental in bolstering the Phenom 100’s safety record by supporting pilot decision-making and significantly reducing cockpit workload.

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General Performance

Luggage Capacity

61.46 cu. ft

Cruise Speed

390 ktas

Certified Ceiling

41000 ft

Takeoff Distance

3,127 ft

Landing Distance

2,701 ft

Max Takeoff Weight

10471 lbs

Max Landing Weight

9766 lbs

Cabin Size


11 ft


5.1 ft


4.92 ft

Phenom 100 Interior

Phenom 100 Interior

BMW DesignworksUSA designed the cabin of Phenom 100 private jet charter to be comfortable and stylish. Configured typically for four passengers in a club seating arrangement, some models can accommodate up to five passengers by adding additional seats. Large windows allow for natural light, air conditioning, a private lavatory, in-flight entertainment, and Wi-Fi.

FAQ: Phenom 100

Phenom 100’s flight range is up to 1,320 nautical miles, making it ideal for short to medium-haul trips. This range allows nonstop flights from New York to Miami or London to Athens. These routes demonstrate Phenom 100’s ability to efficiently connect major cities and business centers without refueling stops.

The flight duration of Phenom 100 ranges from approximately 4 to 5 hours on a single journey, influenced by conditions such as wind speeds, the aircraft’s velocity, and the onboard load. 

Phenom 100 needs about 3,127 feet of runway to take off and around 2,701 feet for landing.

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