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Fast, reliable, and efficient – the same principles on which Mercury Jets was founded. When time is critical, we provide on-demand transcontinental, international, cross-country, and short-distance private jet charter solutions for your comfort and safety.

Private Jet and Charter Flights Services

Mercury Jets is the leading provider of on-demand private jet charter and business charter aircraft, group charter flights, and medical evacuation. We are offering exceptional charter flight deals that rank among the best in the world. Our air charter service stands out with bespoke, individualized aircraft charter and management solutions, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

Our team will help you locate the most suitable private jet for your needs, verify compliance with the strictest regulations, and plan your flight from its origin until you safely arrive at your destination. We value your time and budget – a feature that provides us with many returning customers. Flying private with us is a convenient and affordable alternative to a business-class ticket. Our team of experienced and seasoned aviators is a phone call away.

Mercury Jets offers private jet charter services to and from different cities in the US and worldwide. To obtain a charter quote tailored to your specific needs, please fill in the request form or call our agents 24/7 at +1-212-840-8000.

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World Leader in Private Jet Charter Services

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Mercury Jets Difference

As an independent private jet charter provider, we are not limited by a given fleet, no matter how large or small. For every flight request, we research the vast pool of pre-approved operators and aircraft positioned in the right place for your flight and identify the most suitable options considering the aircraft type, onboard amenities, airports, and budget.

Free of any obligation to aircraft owners, we provide the best options with our passengers being our top priority – a feature that puts us above our competition and makes us your partner, committed to success.

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Safety and Reliability

Private aviation is the most effective, reliable, and safe form of air transportation today.

When you fly with Mercury Jets, you enjoy the maximum level of safety, discretion, convenience, and comfort. We specialize not only in high-level security, but in delivering VIP service on all national and international routes.

Our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart from the competition.

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The Essence of Private Charter

An elite travel partner to those who know when the timing is critical, Mercury Jets is the only call they need to make. If your trip is ASAP or months away, our team of aviation professionals is available to assist 24/7/365. Our clientele range from high-profile entertainers and CEO’s to families vacationing in the Bahamas.

At Mercury Jets, we know we are only as good as our last trip. Every trip, from a turboprop to the Bahamas to a world tour, receives the same attention to detail, ensuring an experience worthy of your continued business and a referral to a friend or colleague.

Private Jet Charters for Business and Leisure Travels

A private jet charter is the only way to travel on your terms fully. Whether accessing a remote destination or taking back control of productivity and flight schedules, the popularity of private jet hire is exploding in both the business and leisure spaces. Flying private offers the convenience of bringing your pets into the cabin for the entire trip, ensuring both you and your furry companions stay comfortable and at ease throughout the journey.

VIP & Celebrity Jet Charter

Mercury Jets has years of experience in organizing private VIP and celebrity jet charters on various types of aircraft.

Charter Flights for Music Tours

No matter the destination or the size of the private jet, we will find the perfect solution for your film crew, crew, or music group.

Private Charter for Business

Maximize efficiency and productivity with a private charter for your business. Enjoy the convenience, flexibility and luxury of a private jet, tailor-made to your schedule and destination.

Group Charter Flights

Group charter flights are the perfect solution if you’re planning a corporate travel, family vacation, or special event, our team can help you organize a private flight that meets your specific needs.

Sports Team Private Jet Charter

A private jet charter allows a sports team to travel on their own schedule and avoid the inconvenience of commercial flights. This can be especially important for teams with a tight schedule, such as teams traveling for away games or tournaments.

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Fly to any Airport in a Global Jet Fleet with Mercury Jets

With Mercury Jets, you can fly to any airport in the world with a global private jet fleet.We are ready to offer best prices for on-demand private jet rental anywhere in the world. The company has access to a wide range of aircraft, such as Bombardier, Gulfstream, Dassault, Embraer, Cessna, and Pilatus, which allows offering private jet charter services to destinations around the globe.

Mercury Jets have access to over 6,000 airports worldwide, and its team of experts is dedicated to finding the best aircraft and route to meet your specific travel needs.

Phenom 300

Experience luxury and performance with our Phenom 300 charter. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of this state-of-the-art aircraft, tailored to meet your specific needs. Book your luxury private jet charter flight.

Gulfstream G550
Gulfstream G550

Fly in style and comfort with Gulfstream 550 private jet charter. Experience the ultimate in luxury, versatility and performance with this state-of-the-art aircraft.

Cessna Citation XLS+
Cessna Citation XLS+

Citation XLS+ is a popular private jet model that is often available for charter through Mercury Jets. Contact Mercury Jets to get a quote to charter for your destination.

Challenger 350 jet
Challenger 350

This advanced business jet is known for its luxurious amenities, spacious interior, and impressive performance capabilities. With a Challenger 350 charter from Mercury Jets, you can expect a comfortable and productive flight experience.

Aircraft Management Service

Private Aircraft Management Solutions

Aircraft management at Mercury Jets provides an opportunity for customers to generate revenue through the use of unused aircraft time. We value your time and budget – a feature that provides us with many returning customers. We take care of all the details, allowing you to focus on your business and personal needs. We also offer customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. Contact us now to learn more about our private aircraft management solutions.

Popular Private Jet Charter Destinations

Fly to your dream destination with Mercury Jets. We offer private jet charter flights to over 1,000 destinations worldwide. Depending on your needs and preferences, there are many private charter flight destinations to choose from.

New York Private Jet Charter
New York (NYC)
Las Vegas Private Jet Charter
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
Los Angeles

Top International Private Jet Flights

Mercury Jets is a private jet charter company with experience in international charter flights. We will make sure that your flight complies with all the rules, so you can relax and enjoy your flight.

Private Jet Charter from Miami to Nassau, Bahamas
The Bahamas
Dubai Private Jet Charter
London, UK Private Jet Charter
Nice, France Private Jet Charter
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
St Moritz
St Moritz
Empty Leg Flights

Book One Way Travel

Empty-leg charter flights are a great option for travelers looking for a cost-effective way to fly private jet one-way flights. Find and book an empty-leg charter flight from a leading charter broker. Get the best deals on last-minute empty-leg flights.

Most Popular Private Jet Routes

Discover the most popular private jet routes and experience the ultimate in luxury and convenience. Our private jet routes include popular destinations such as New York, London, Los Angeles, Miami and more. With our private jet charter services, you can enjoy the convenience of direct flights, the flexibility of flying on your own schedule, and the luxury of traveling in style. Contact us now to learn more about our most popular private jet routes and how we can help you plan your next trip.

New York to Miami is a popular route for private jet flights, as it connects two major cities.

A private jet charter from Vegas to LA, and back with Mercury Jets, is a convenient and luxurious travel option for those looking to fly between these two popular destinations.

Mercury Jets can help you find the best option and price for a private jet flight from Miami Los Angeles.

A private jet charter from New York City (NYC) to the Bahamas is a luxurious and convenient travel option for those looking to fly to the Caribbean islands.

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What People Say About Us

Rafael Esberard

Rafael Esberard
CEO at AWM Interactive, Inc

“I choose to fly Mercury Jets because they provide me with newer aircraft and handle ALL the aspects of my trip.”

Jennifer Ahumada

Jennifer Ahumada
Sales Manager at – "Largent Fuels"

“Pamela has provided me with a wide selection of aircraft, helped identify the best one and provided support throughout out the flight. Great aircraft, better service!”

Why Choose Mercury Jets for Private Jet Flights?

At Mercury Jets we provide the most suitable aircraft for your needs, verify compliance with the strictest regulations and plan your flight from its origin until you safely arrive at your destination. We value your time and budget – a feature that rewards us with many returning customers. Our team of experienced and seasoned air charter operators is a phone call away.

From light aircraft for short trips to Jumbo Jets for tours and events, utilizing our global network of aviation partners, to more than 5000 airports not serviced by the airlines, without the hassles….the way it used to be when flying was fun. When you don’t have time to waste in airport lines, taking your laptop out of your bag call Mercury Jets.