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Lineage 1000 Private Charter Flights

Embraer, a leading aerospace company headquartered in Brazil, manufactures Lineage 1000, a large, ultra-long-range executive jet. Based on the Embraer 190 regional jet airliner, the aircraft was introduced to the market as a high-capacity option for corporate and VIP customers. Lineage 1000 private jet charters provide discerning travelers with an exclusive and tailored flying experience that combines luxury, space, and performance.

Lineage 1000 Price Rental

The average cost to charter a Lineage 1000 is around $14,850 per hour.

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Lineage 1000 Charter

Lineage 1000 Overview

Despite its size and performance capabilities, Lineage 1000 private jet charter is designed to be more fuel efficient than other large private jets, thanks to its aerodynamic design and advanced engine technology. The core of its lies in its propulsion system, consisting of two General Electric CF34-10E7-B high-bypass jet engines. This efficiency not only lowers operational costs but also aligns with the growing environmental concerns in aviation. With a maximum cruising speed of approximately 0.82 Mach, Lineage 1000 can cover long distances quickly, reducing travel time and increasing overall trip efficiency. This speed, combined with its range capabilities, ensures that Lineage 1000 can compete with other jets in its class, offering a quick and comfortable travel experience.

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General Performance

Luggage Capacity

443 cu. ft

Cruise Speed

470 ktas

Certified Ceiling

41000 ft

Takeoff Distance

6,135 ft

Landing Distance

2,694 ft

Max Takeoff Weight

120152 lbs

Max Landing Weight

100972 lbs

Cabin Size


84.32 ft


8.76 ft


6.56 ft

Lineage 1000 Interior

Lineage 1000 private jet charter typically seats 14 to 19 passengers, depending on the configuration, and has a large cabin divided into five distinct privacy zones. The interior is designed for luxury and comfort, with high-quality materials and customizable features such as a master bedroom suite, a walk-in shower, a spacious dining/conference area, and a fully equipped galley. Lineage 1000, which is outfitted with advanced avionics and communications systems, offers passengers high-speed internet, a satellite phone, and a cutting-edge in-flight entertainment system.

FAQ: Lineage 1000

Lineage 1000 has an impressive range of 4,500 miles, allowing for non-stop flights between major cities like New York and London or Miami and São Paulo without refueling. This broad range is one of the key features that distinguishes it as an excellent choice for transcontinental and transoceanic flights, providing greater flexibility in flight planning and route selection. 

Lineage 1000 has a maximum flight time of 8 to 9 hours, depending on the aircraft’s weight, cruising speed, altitude, and weather conditions. This enables it to comfortably complete long-haul flights and connect distant cities without requiring refueling stops.      

Lineage 1000 needs about 6,135 feet of runway to take off and around 2,694 feet for landing.

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