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VIP Airliner

For journeys reaching up to 7,000 nautical miles and accommodating as many as 40 passengers, VIP Airliner is the optimal choice for a private air charter. These jets are engineered specifically for long-haul flights, making them perfect for transporting large groups of executives, exclusive private tours, or diplomatic delegations on routes such as New York to London or Los Angeles to Hong Kong.

Suited for crossing continents, VIP Airliners like the Airbus Corporate Jet, A318 Elite, Boeing Business Jet, and Embraer Lineage are among the most sought-after for their unparalleled range and luxury. They offer a premier flying experience for transcontinental trips.

VIP Airliner Rental Cost

The pricing for private jet rentals VIP airliners can range between $14,000 and $24,000 per billable flight hour. The cost depends on many factors, such as the year of aircraft manufacture, how new it is, whether repairs were made and how serious it was, and the safety record of a private jet. 

VIP Airliners for Private Jet Rental

VIP Airliners Charter for Business Travel

Time is a commodity as valuable as any deal struck in the boardroom in the high-stakes business. Recognizing this, Mercury Jets’ VIP airliner charter services are tailored to meet the modern business traveler’s needs. These flights are not just about luxury but also about efficiency. Business travelers can bypass the usual hassles of commercial air travel, enjoying expedited security checks, faster boarding processes, and direct routes. This efficient service ensures that clients can maximize their productivity, turning travel time into an opportunity to work, hold meetings, or relax in preparation for important engagements.

VIP airliners are equipped with the latest technology to serve as a mobile office. High-speed Wi-Fi, satellite communication, private meeting areas, and state-of-the-art entertainment systems create an environment where business executives can stay connected and productive. Coupled with luxurious seating and bespoke catering, these charters provide an environment conducive to both work and relaxation, ensuring that business travelers arrive at their destinations in style and with every need met.

VIP Airliners Charter with Mercury Jets

Mercury Jets stands at the forefront of luxury air travel, offering an unparalleled experience in VIP airliner charters. With access to a huge fleet that epitomizes elegance and sophistication, these airliners are not just about reaching a destination; they are about journeying with utmost style and comfort. For clients seeking an exclusive travel experience, Mercury Jets is a symbol of luxury and efficiency. Each aircraft is meticulously designed to provide luxury and convenience, featuring spacious cabins, exquisite dining options, and state-of-the-art entertainment systems.

Mercury Jets’ VIP airliner charter’s hallmark is its personalized experience. Every detail is tailored to the client’s preferences from the moment of booking to the final touchdown. This bespoke service includes custom flight scheduling, on-board catering to suit gourmet tastes, and unrivaled privacy. For those who place a premium on time and comfort, Mercury Jets provides a seamless travel experience. Business leaders, celebrities, and discerning travelers choose Mercury Jets for their commitment to excellence and discretion, ensuring that each journey is not just a flight but a memorable experience.

VIP Airliner FAQs

A VIP airliner is a commercial aircraft transformed into a private flying oasis, offering unparalleled luxury, space, and customization. These aircraft, often from leading manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus, are outfitted with lavish amenities such as private bedrooms, dining areas, conference rooms, and state-of-the-art entertainment systems. VIP airliners are also designed to cater to the elite – such as corporate executives, celebrities, and dignitaries.

Choosing a VIP airliner for your private charter offers unmatched luxury, privacy, and flexibility, making it ideal for those who demand the highest standards in air travel. These aircraft provide spacious and customizable interiors that accommodate everything from private bedrooms to boardrooms, ensuring comfort and productivity. With the ability to fly long distances non-stop, VIP airliners reduce travel time and eliminate the need for connections, offering a seamless and efficient journey. Moreover, the personalized service, including gourmet dining and bespoke in-flight amenities, caters to your every need, transforming your travel experience into an epitome of exclusivity and convenience.

VIP airliners can be booked as little as four hours before departure.

The capacity of a VIP airliner can vary significantly depending on the aircraft model and the extent of its customization. Typically, commercial airliners can seat hundreds of passengers, but when configured as VIP airliners, the focus shifts from maximizing passenger numbers to enhancing comfort and luxury. As a result, these planes are often customized to accommodate a much smaller number of passengers, ranging from just a few to around 100, depending on the client’s requirements and the aircraft’s layout. For instance, a VIP-configured Boeing 747 could comfortably accommodate anywhere from 50 to 100 passengers in a luxurious setup, while smaller models like the Airbus A319 ACJ (Airbus Corporate Jet) or the Boeing BBJ (Boeing Business Jet) might be designed to carry between 18 to 50 passengers.

The range of a VIP airliner depends on the specific aircraft model and its configuration. Still, these aircraft are generally capable of long-haul flights, allowing for non-stop travel across continents about up to 7,000 nautical miles.