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Falcon 900LX Private Charter Flights

Dassault Aviation’s Falcon 900 is a French-built corporate jet aircraft. The 900 is an evolution of the Falcon 50, which is an evolution of the older Falcon 20. Falcon 900LX is the most recent model of the Falcon 900, and like prior 900 versions, the LX provides operators with great flexibility in load-carrying capacity, range, and short-field capabilities. The aircraft’s maximum range is increased to 4,750 NM in part due to its “High-Mach” blended winglets, allowing it to cover practically any continent or ocean. Falcon 900LX private jet charter is a high-performance, comfortable, and reliable business jet, ideal for long-range travel and executive transport.

Falcon 900LX Price Rental

The average cost to charter Falcon 900LX is around $7,250 per hour.

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Overview Falcon 900LX

Falcon 900LX is a luxurious, long-range business jet manufactured by Dassault Aviation, a French aerospace company. It is an improved version of Falcon 900EX, with increased range, improved fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions. Dassault Falcon 900LX can fly at altitudes of up to 51,000 feet. Furthermore, it has an hourly fuel burn of 260 Gallons per Hour (GPH).

Falcon 900LX private jet charter boasts a total thrust output of 15,000 lbs due to its Honeywell TFE731-60 engines. In terms of avionics, the aircraft is equipped with the EASy II flight deck, which includes a four-display Honeywell Primus Epic avionics suite, featuring synthetic vision, enhanced ground proximity warning, and satellite-based navigation. Falcon 900LX also has a range of safety features, including automatic descent mode, electronic flight bag, and runway overrun prevention system.

General Performance

Luggage Capacity127 ft³
Cruise Speed479 KTAS
Certified Ceiling51000 ft
Takeoff Distance5,360 ft
Landing Distance2,415 ft
Max Takeoff Weight48301 lbs
Max Landing Weight41998 lbs

Cabin Size

Length33 ft 2 in

6 ft 2 in

Height7 ft 8 in
Falcon 900LX interior

Falcon 900LX Interior

The cabin of the Falcon 900LX private jet charter is spacious and comfortable, with a length of 33 feet, 2 inches, a width of 7 feet, 8 inches, and a height of 6 feet, 2 inches. It can accommodate up to 14 passengers in a standard configuration, with a variety of seating options available, including club seating, a divan, and fully flat beds. The cabin also features a galley, a lavatory, and a baggage compartment with a capacity of 127 cubic feet.

FAQ: Falcon 900LX

Falcon 900LX has a range of, 4750 nm, which allows you to travel really far. A Falcon 900LX charter might, for example, fly from New York to London or from San Antonio to Madrid.

On average, a Falcon 900LX charter journey lasts 8–9 hours. This could alter based on the flight conditions.

The runway for Falcon 900LX private jet charter is about 5,360 ft for takeoff and 2,415 ft for landing.

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