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Global 8000 Private Charter Flights

The flagship model line with the longest range is the ultra-long-range business jet Global 8000 from the renowned manufacturer Bombardier. Following the most recent design and technology trends, the aircraft is significantly superior to all the features and technologies in its class. Traveling in comfort on a model with exceptional private jet performance is made possible by chartering Global 8000 private jet. Unfortunately, despite its declared high goals and standards, the Global 8000 has not been put into production. Deliveries of Bombardier’s newest flagship aircraft are scheduled to start in 2025.

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Private Jet Charter Global 8000

Overview Global 8000

Global 8000 private jet charter is designed to provide unparalleled range capabilities, allowing for non-stop flights on long-haul routes. It can cover distances of up to 7,900 nautical miles, enabling passengers to fly directly between major cities like New York and Hong Kong or Sydney and Los Angeles without the need for fuel stops. In addition, two General Electric Passport engines drive Global 8000 private jet. Each engine can generate up to 18,920 pounds of thrust. This results in a total of 37,840 pounds of available thrust.

General Performance

Luggage Capacity2,236 cu.ft
Cruise Speed487 knots
Certified Ceiling51,000 ft
Takeoff Distance5,760 ft
Landing Distance2,237 ft
Max Takeoff Weight104,798 lbs
Max Landing Weight85,799 lbs

Cabin Size

Length54 ft 5 in

8 ft

Height6 ft 2 in
Private Jet Charter Global 8000 interior

Global 8000 Interior

The saloon of Global 8000 private jet charter is divided into three passenger areas: a work area, a lounge area, and a conference room. There is also a high-speed Internet connection, a Soleil lighting system, a large lavatory, a Bombardier Pr Air filter, a full kitchen, and a wide luggage compartment. The cabin of the Global 8000 is designed to offer a luxurious and comfortable experience for passengers. It features an exceptionally spacious interior with a generous amount of headroom and legroom, providing ample space for relaxation and productivity. The cabin can be customized to accommodate various seating configurations, allowing for optimal flexibility and personalized layouts.

FAQ: Global 8000

The exceptional range of Global 8000 private jet is 8000 nautical miles. Thus, it is now possible to quickly travel vast distances, such as by chartered flight from New York to Tokyo or Madrid to Seoul.

Typically, a Global 8000 private aircraft charter flight lasts up to 14 hours, although this can vary based on the itinerary, altitude, weather, and payload.

The runway for Global 8000 private jet charter is about 5,760 ft for takeoff and 2,237 ft for landing.

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