Global 8000

The ultra-long-range business jet Global 8000 from the renowned manufacturer Bombardier is the flagship model range with the most extended range. The aircraft is noticeably ahead of all the features and technologies of its class, following the latest technological and design trends. Chartering a Global 8000 makes traveling in comfort on a model with outstanding private jet performance. Unfortunately, the Global 8000 has not been put into production, despite its stated high standards and expectations. The model has not been put into service and is considered a stalled project by Bombardier Aerospace.

When creating the Global 8000, the manufacturers significantly optimized aerodynamic efficiency thanks to a brand new wing with high-speed near-sonic profiles. In addition, the aircraft can fly passengers from Los Angeles to Sydney in the shortest possible time, thanks to an advanced radar, onboard maintenance system, and robust engines.

The Global 8000 saloon is divided into three passenger areas, including a work area, a lounge area, and a conference room. In addition, there is a high-speed Internet connection, a spacious lavatory, a full kitchen, and a roomy luggage compartment.


  • PASSENGER CAPACITY: up to 17 passengers
  • MAX RANGE: 7900 nautical miles
  • MAX OPERATIONAL SPEED: 594 miles per hour
  • CABIN HEIGHT: 6.2 ft
  • CABIN WIDTH: 8.1 ft
  • CABIN LENGTH: 50.5 ft
  • BAGGAGE CAPACITY: 2236 cu ft.