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Gulfstream G550 Private Jet Charter

The Gulfstream G550 received its FAA certificate to start flying in August of 2003. The Gulfstream G550 surpassed its predecessor the Gulfstream GV by offering a max range of 6,700 nm which is approximately 250 nm of longer-range capabilities and increased fuel efficiency in comparison to the GV.

The G550 offers a typical configuration of four cabin areas with a standard configuration of accommodations of up to 19 passengers. In comparison to the GV, the G500 moved its entry door about 2 feet forward so it would give the passengers onboard more cabin space to be utilized. The most notable difference is when you take a step into the cockpit with the upgrades in comparison to the GV. It is truly one of the pioneers of the glass cockpit offering four 14 inch flat-paneled display screens. The new and improved systems are referred to by Gulfstream as Planeview, which is essentially an upgraded version of their HoneyWell Primus Epic Avionics system.

One of the coolest aspects, in my opinion, is the heads-up display in which the pilot can see all key information just by looking out the windshield. Although the GV and G550 may look similar while on the ramp, the surest way to tell the difference is by counting the windows. The Gulfstream G550 offers 7 windows which are one more than its predecessor, the Gulfstream GV.

When standing next to a G550 or if you prefer to travel to your next business meeting on board one of these beautifully made aircraft, you are sure to realize why Gulfstream continues to stay atop the private aviation market.

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Gulfstream G550 Overview

  • CABIN LENGTH: 50.1 ft
  • CABIN HEIGH : 6.2 ft
  • CABIN WIDTH: 7.3 ft
  • PASSENGER CAPACITY: Up to 19 Passengers on typical configuration
  • LUGGAGE CAPACITY: 226 cubic ft
  • MAXIMUM RANGE: 6,700 nm


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