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Piper Warrior Private Charter Flights

The Piper Warrior is a low-wing, four-seat single-engine airplane and a standout representative of the private aviation market from the renowned Piper manufacturer. This model differs from its predecessors by a wingspan two feet wider and a double-cone wing shape. The first Warrior series model was released in 1974 and collected 1,898 examples during the production run. By chartering a Piper Warrior, you can travel from Indianapolis to Dallas, Boston to Detroit, or Cleveland to Birmingham in the shortest possible time.

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Private Jet Charter Piper Warrior

Overview Piper Warrior

The Piper Warrior is a reliable, inexpensive aircraft with acceptable performance and safe flying characteristics. It is approved for day and night flying and has had several upgrades to ensure reliability and safety over the years. Since 1977, the Warrior II was also produced, with about ten horsepower and a big hit. In addition, the new model received VFR or IFR avionics, increased speed due to a more powerful Lycoming Model O-320-D3G engine, and improved aerodynamics for wheel fairings. The Warrior aircraft is equipped with fixed tricycle landing gear and is certified in standard and utility categories.

General Performance

Luggage Capacity24 cu ft
Cruise Speed115 ktas
Certified Ceiling14000 ft
Takeoff Distance975 ft
Landing Distance595 ft
Max Takeoff Weight2325 lbs
Max Landing Weight2150 lbs

Cabin Size

Length7.3 ft
Width3.6 ft
Height4.1 ft

Piper Warrior Interior

The Piper Warrior’s cabin is impeccably equipped for a luxuriously comfortable flight. It boasts some of the most exquisite seats in the entire business aviation segment, providing unmatched opulence and relaxation. With ample luggage space, passengers can conveniently store their belongings without any hassle. Additionally, the cabin features excellent ventilation, ensuring a refreshing and pleasant atmosphere throughout the journey.

FAQ: Piper Warrior

Piper Warrior charter provides 590 nm of uninterrupted flight. It can quickly fly from Indianapolis to Dallas, Boston to Detroit, or Cleveland to Birmingham.

A Piper Warrior private jet charter can transport you nonstop for around 3 hours.

Piper Warrior private jet charter requires a runway length of approximately 1,660 feet for takeoff and 1,090 feet for landing.

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