Diamond DA42 Twin Star Private Jet Charter

The Diamond DA42 Twinstar is a turboprop-powered aircraft for private use. The first flight of the model took place in 2002, and two years later, it passed all the necessary international certification. It is based on the Diamond DA40-TDI in composite materials for flying across the Atlantic. A Diamond DA42 Twinstar charter makes it possible to travel from Birmingham to El Paso, Minneapolis to Boston, or Kansas City to Los Angeles without a transfer.

The Diamond DA42 Twinstar is an enlarged version of the piston single-seat aircraft with a T-tail. Fuel is poured into three aluminum tanks in the wing on each wing closer to the tips. Each engine is DA42 Thielert Centurion hydraulically driven with a constant speed engine. Navigation is by GPS and advanced avionics with airborne collision warning.

The passenger cabin of the Diamond DA42 Twinstar is designed to carry up to 3 passengers at a maximum speed of 163 kts. All conditions for comfortable rest or productive work are available onboard.

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  • CABIN HEIGHT: 4 ft 2 in
  • CABIN WIDTH: 4 ft 1 in
  • PASSENGER CAPACITY: up to 3 passengers
  • MAX RANGE: 1210 nm


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