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The Gulfstream G650 is all alone in its class, produced by Gulfstream Aerospace headquartered in Savannah, GA. Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation designs, develops and manufactures a large range of jet aircraft, from midsize jets to heavy extended range aircraft. Since 1958 Gulfstream has produced over 2000 aircraft globally. Today’s sophisticated customers of the most capable business aircraft are looking for great performance across the board, from low cabin altitudes to excellent climbing ability.

Gulfstream engineers along with several consumer advisory boards to create the aircraft that is aimed to set the standard in business travel.

The G650 is the company’s largest and fastest business jet with a top speed of Mach 0.925 up from its predecessor the G550’s top speed of Mach 0.885.

Gulfstream has strived for better performance in every aspect of flight. With the G650’s long unencumbered wings, they redefine how the air flows over an aircraft’s wing, creating a highly efficient airfoil that delivers speed and an incredibly smooth ride. With its 8 foot 6 inch /2.59 meter-wide cabin, one of the largest in its class, helps create a comfortable environment for all passengers

The G650 has sixteen enormous panoramic windows, each 28 by 20.5 inches/71 by 52 centimeters, allows sunlight into the cabin, as well as in the galley. Every window has been positioned higher on the fuselage for better views.

In addition to its excellent performance and luxurious interiors, Gulfstream pushes the technology envelope by equipping the G650 with a computer-controlled, fly-by-wire flight system, which, works with the pilot or even fully automatic, to provide precise and minute adjustments that create smoother flights.

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So you say you are ready to play with the big boys. Are you ready for the best of the best when it comes to private jets? Well hold on to your business suits and briefcases the Gulfstream G650 is here and it is setting the standard for what is expected in business jets. Gulfstream has been manufacturing private jets for over 40 years, every since they introduced the Gulf Stream II business jet in the 1960s. Well they have taken a giant leap since then and have now created the fastest civilian aircraft in the skies – the Gulfstream G650.

The G650 is the first class of business jet to offer as a standard the Gulf Stream enhanced vision system, a heads-up display and a synthetic vision primary flight display. All of this technology is fully integrated to provide a higher level of safety and pilot awareness than in any other previous model. The advanced flight control system in the Gulfstream G650 gives both the passengers and crew flight qualities that they come to expect from the Gulfstream line of business jets. The advanced flight control system in this jet has been in development for over five years, which is one of the reasons, why Gulfstream sets the standard when it comes to technology and business aviation field.

Well you now know that this business jet is extremely fast and is equipped with some of the best technology available today. However, along with speed and technology it also offers full luxury amenities within its cabin. Gulfstream took the recommendations of their fleet operators and incorporated their ideas and suggestions into the engineering of the new cabin environment in the G650. The cabin of this one of a kind business jet is one of the largest and most comfortable in its class. It features larger windows, delivers 100 percent fresh air, a quieter interior, lower cabin altitude and improved system reliability. The G650 comes with 12 floor plans that you have the ability to custom layout to your particular liking. Gulfstream will work with you to create the best configuration of seating that best suits your business needs.

All of these features in this top-of-the-line business jet create a value that cannot be beat. This jet is designed to operate for more than 600 hours before having to be inspected. Gulfstream also provides you with the best warranty in the business jet industry and unsurpassed maintenance availability. When it comes to the world of business jets, no one can beat the technology, speed, longest range and most comfortable cabins of the Gulfstream G650.


  • PASSENGER CAPACITY: up to 19 passengers, Sleeps 10
  • CABIN HEIGHT: 6.45ft | 1.95m
  • CABIN WIDTH: 8.5ft | 2.59m
  • CABIN LENGTH: 46.8ft | 14.27m
  • BAGGAGE CAPACITY: 195 cu ft | 5.52 cu m