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Citation Sovereign+

Cessna’s Citation Sovereign+ is perfect harmony, having comfort, great performance, and efficiency. The point of the Sovereign+ is its range. It is ready to fly coast to coast and has the ability to fly at a cruise speed of roughly .75 Mach. The aircraft cabin has many comforts, making this jet fly a top contender in its class of private airplanes.

The aircraft cabin includes a length of roughly 25.3 feet long and can fit up to twelve travelers. The height and width being at just about six feet give travelers enough space to stand and move about the aircraft cabin conveniently. The baggage capacity of the aircraft is substantial measuring 135 cubic feet, holding around 1000 pounds of luggage.

The bathroom is very spacious and can serve as a changing area, having double-sided sliding doors, providing you with privacy. Citation Sovereign+ has a dimmable LED lighting and cooling system that works even without starting the engines.

The range of the Citation Sovereign+ is roughly 2,884 NM and a flight time between 5-7 hours. This jet features a Pratt and Whitney turbofan engine and wing design that enormously enhances wind stream and lift capacities.

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  • PASSENGER CAPACITY: up to 12 passengers
  • MAX RANGE: 3,200 nm
  • CABIN HEIGHT: 68 in
  • CABIN WIDTH: 66 in
  • CABIN LENGTH: 25.3 ft
  • BAGGAGE CAPACITY: 135 cu ft