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Citation X Private Charter Flights

Citation X, a twin-engine, long-range executive aircraft manufactured by Cessna Aircraft Company, is now the world’s fastest business jet.

This aircraft, which can fly at transonic speeds and burns less fuel than other similar aircraft, is the unchallenged leader in this manufacturer’s model lineup. In addition, Citation X private jet charter has the authority to operate at London City Airfield, the most difficult airport in the world.

Citation X Price Rental

The average cost to charter Citation X is around $6,500 per hour.

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Citation X Charter

Overview Citation X

Citation X has maintained one of the world’s fastest aircraft as a result of continuous upgrades, including a thorough overhaul in 2010. Surprisingly, in addition to its astounding speeds, it is also one of the world’s most fuel-efficient midsize planes. Citation X is the best aircraft for transcontinental travel for its exceptional speed and fuel efficiency.

Citation X private jet charter is highly regarded by businessmen worldwide. Intelligent design features, state-of-the-art avionics, Rolls-Royce twin-turbo engines, and a novel wing design contribute to the aircraft’s superb flight performance.

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General Performance

Range2890 nm
Cruise Speed 525 KTAS
Takeoff Distance 5480 ft
Landing Distance 4693 ft
Useful Weight 14200 lbs
Payload with Full Fuel 1444 lbs


Cabin Size

Length23.92 ft
Width5.5 ft
Height5.7 ft


Citation X+ interior

Citation X Interior

The cabin of Citation X private jet charter can accommodate up to eight passengers and is equipped with sophisticated amenities to facilitate a variety of business and leisure-related duties.

It offers an Internet connection, a satellite phone, plush seats, and a huge luggage compartment for maximum comfort. Cessna has designed a luxurious executive cabin to compliment Citation X’s well-known high speeds.

FAQ: Citation X

With a range of up to 2890 nautical miles, the Citation X private jet charter can get you to your destination fast and effectively. A Citation X charter allows you to travel nonstop from Miami to Los Angeles, San Francisco to New York, or Phoenix to Philadelphia.

A nonstop Citation X private jet charter flight might take up to 6 hours.

The runway for a Citation X private jet charter is approximately 5480 feet for takeoff and 4693 feet for landing.

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