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Challenger 600 Private Charter Flights

The Challenger 600 is Bombardier Aerospace’s basic model of passenger aircraft used primarily in business aviation. It is a twin-engine jet with suitable flight and performance characteristics for comfortable intercontinental flights. Chartering a Challenger 600 allows customers to get a reliable and proven means of transportation at 2,800 nm.

Challenger 600 Price Rental

The average cost to charter a Challenger 600 is around $6,000 per hour.

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Challenger 600 Charter

Overview Challenger 600

Today, the Challenger 600 leads the business aviation market. The first flight took place in Montreal in 1978, and after a while, the Canadian and U.S. authorities certified the aircraft. The aircraft is equipped with two twin-turbine General Electric CF34-3A engines and modern avionics and is visually distinguished by the presence of flaps when the fairings are lowered under the wing.

General Performance

Luggage Capacity115 cu. ft.
Cruise Speed459 ktas
Certified Ceiling41000 ft
Takeoff Distance5,700 ft
Landing Distance2,538 ft
Max Takeoff Weight41100 lbs
Max Landing Weight36000 lbs

Cabin Size

Length28.25 ft
Width8.18 ft
Height6.1 ft

Challenger 60 Interior

The spacious Challenger 600 Saloon is specifically designed to cater to the needs of business travelers, offering a comprehensive range of facilities that facilitate various business activities. With ample room to move around at full height, passengers can comfortably navigate the cabin, ensuring a seamless and productive experience during their journey.

One notable feature of the Challenger 600 Saloon is the inclusion of an enclosed lavatory, providing privacy and convenience for passengers. This dedicated space allows individuals to freshen up and attend to personal needs discreetly throughout the flight. To accommodate the travel essentials of business travelers, the Challenger 600 Saloon boasts a generously-sized luggage compartment. This roomy storage area ensures that belongings and equipment can be securely stowed, allowing passengers to have easy access to their items whenever necessary.

Recognizing the importance of seamless communication, the Challenger 600 Saloon is equipped with advanced communication systems. These systems enable passengers to stay connected and engaged with their business affairs, even while in the air.

Enhanced comfort is also a priority in the Challenger 600 Saloon. Passengers have the option to install office equipment, creating a productive work environment. This feature allows business travelers to seamlessly continue their work during the flight, maximizing their productivity and making the most of their travel time.

FAQ: Challenger 600

Challenger 600 charter provides 2,800 nm of uninterrupted flight.

A Challenger 600 private jet charter can transport you nonstop for around 6-7 hours.

Challenger 600 private jet charter requires a runway length of approximately 5,700 feet for takeoff and 2,538 feet for landing.

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