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Challenger 605 Private Charter Flights

The legendary Challenger 605 from Canadian designer and manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace has been one of the market leaders in the heavy jets business aviation market for more than a decade. The aircraft is well suited to short and long-haul flights and guarantees reliable stability. Moreover, chartering a Challenger 605 enables passengers to travel anywhere in the world in the shortest possible time.

Challenger 605 Price Rental

The average cost to charter a Challenger 605 is around $8,000 per hour.

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Private Jet Charter Challenger 605

Overview Challenger 605

The Challenger 605 made its first flight in 1978, and it has been upgraded several times since, the new equipment has been installed, the portholes have been enlarged, flight performance and comfort level has been improved. Onboard are the FMS-6000 system with conjugate lateral and vertical navigation, integrated electronic standby instruments, Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 with four screens, and a combined flight information system. As a result, the Challenger 605 provides an ideal recreational or business environment and has enough state-of-the-art equipment to handle the most demanding airports.

General Performance

Luggage Capacity115 ft³
Cruise Speed488 ktas
Certified Ceiling41000 ft
Takeoff Distance5,840 ft
Landing Distance2,779 ft
Max Takeoff Weight48200 lbs
Max Landing Weight38001 lbs

Cabin Size

Length28.4 ft
Width8.18 ft
Height6.08 ft

Challenger 605 Interior

The cabin of the Challenger 605 is characterized by its impressive spaciousness, offering ample room for passengers to move about and relax. Designed with comfort in mind, it provides a welcoming and accommodating environment throughout the duration of the flight. Equipped with a modern kitchen, the Challenger 605 cabin allows for the preparation of delicious meals and refreshments during the journey. Passengers can enjoy freshly made food and beverages, enhancing their in-flight dining experience. The kitchen facilities are designed to cater to various culinary preferences and ensure that passengers are well taken care of during their time on board.

The seating arrangements in the Challenger 605 are designed for optimal comfort. Passengers can enjoy plush and well-cushioned seats that provide support and relaxation during the journey. The ergonomic design ensures that passengers can sit for extended periods without discomfort, allowing for a truly enjoyable travel experience.

Connectivity is a priority in the Challenger 605, as it provides Internet access and satellite communications. Passengers can stay connected with the outside world, access their emails, browse the web, or even participate in virtual meetings while in the air. This seamless connectivity enables business travelers to stay productive and ensures that all passengers can remain in touch with their loved ones throughout the flight.

Thanks to the fuselage cross-section of the Challenger 605, passengers will not feel any lack of space. The aircraft’s design maximizes the available cabin area, providing a sense of openness and freedom of movement.

FAQ: Challenger 605

Challenger 605 charter provides 3,879 nm of uninterrupted flight. 

A Challenger 605 private jet charter can transport you nonstop for around 8 hours.

Challenger 605 private jet charter requires a runway length of approximately 5,840 feet for takeoff and 2,779 feet for landing.

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