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Private Jet Charter Challenger 604

Challenger 604 Private Charter Flights

Bombardier Challenger 604 is a cutting-edge business jet produced in Canada. The type is a heavy jet of exceptionally high comfort. The aircraft, which was certified by the Canadian Ministry of Transport, was introduced in 1996 as an enhanced and updated version of the Challenger 601 type. Since its initial debut, Challenger 604 private jet charter has undergone a number of modifications and enhancements, and it is still a well-liked option for private and business flying globally.

Challenger 604 Charter Rates

The average cost to charter Challenger 604 is around $7,700 per hour. For charter rates and availability of Challenger 604, please submit the below flight request form, or call our agents 24/7 at +1 (212) 840 8000.

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Challenger 604 Overview

Challenger 604 private jet charter has more fuel tanks, new engines, and the newest avionics compared to the previous generation, which has an impact on the flight’s range and safety. Also, the aircraft is outfitted with cutting-edge audio and video technologies, a highly efficient ventilation system, and superb noise isolation.

Also, for the convenience of passengers, Challenger 604 private jet boasts one of the quietest cabins. Two General Electric CF34-3B engines, each rated to produce 8,729 pounds of thrust, power this business jet. Compared to its predecessors, this aircraft’s improved engines provide a small increase in thrust pounds.

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General Performance

Max Range 3518 nm
Max Cruise Speed  436 KTAS
Takeoff Distance  5840 ft
Landing Distance  2358 ft
Useful Weight  21200 lbs
Payload with Full Fuel  1350 lbs


Typical Seating 10
Pilots 2

Cabin Size

Length  28.4 ft
Width  8.2 ft
Height  6.1 ft

Challenger 604 interior

Challenger 604 Interior

The interior of Challenger 604 private jet charter is made to give passengers a relaxing and productive environment. Modern multimedia equipment and top-of-the-line furniture are featured in the Challenger 604 saloon. In the bow, there is a closet and a kitchen, as well as a bathroom, luggage storage, and seats that may be converted into sleepers. Depending on the seating arrangement, the Challenger 604’s cabin can hold up to 12 passengers.

FAQs: Challenger 604

What Is the Flight Range of Challenger 604?

You may reach your destination quickly thanks to the Challenger 604 private aircraft’s 3518 nm range. You can fly nonstop from Miami to San Francisco and Sydney to Singapore with a Challenger 604 charter.

How Many Hours Can a Challenger 604 Fly?

An average Challenger 604 private jet charter flight lasts up to eight hours. However, this may change based on the flight conditions.

How Long of a Runway Does a Challenger 604 Need?

Challenger 604 private jet charter’s runway is approximately 5840 ft for takeoff and 2358 ft for landing.