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King Air C90GTx Private Charter Flights

The King Air 90 has earned its reputation as one of the most trusted and respected aircraft globally, boasting over 45 years of rugged, reliable, and consistent service. Notably, it remains remarkably affordable despite its impressive track record. Over the years, numerous upgrades have been incorporated to keep this popular model at the forefront of modernity. Starting in 2004, the GT series marked a significant milestone, followed by subsequent versions like the GTi in 2007 and the GTx in 2009, each introducing further enhancements to this iconic aircraft.

King Air C90GTx Price Rental

The average cost to charter a King Air C90GTx is around $1,510 per hour.

For charter rates and availability of the King Air C90GTx, please submit the flight request form, or call our agents 24/7 at +1 (212) 840 8000.

King Air C90GTX Jet

Overview King Air C90GTx

The C90 excels at missions with a transcontinental range of 1,260 nautical miles and a maximum cruising speed of 226 ktas. It offers a balanced and economical option for business aircraft needs, known for its reliability and trustworthiness.

The King Air C90GTx introduces several enhancements over previous versions, including increased maximum gross weight, better climb performance, and improved fuel economy with a composite winglet design. It now has a full-fuel payload capacity of over 750 pounds, almost double that of the GTi model, surpassing entry-level jets. These improvements extend its range by 200 nautical miles with fewer passengers, making the C90GTx an all-around superior alternative. The continuous addition of advanced avionics ensures the King Air 90’s ongoing improvement.

General Performance

Luggage Capacity48 cu.ft
Cruise Speed226 ktas
Certified Ceiling30000 ft
Takeoff Distance1,984 ft
Landing Distance2,100 ft
Max Takeoff Weight10485 lbs
Max Landing Weight9832 lbs

Cabin Size

Length12.6 ft
Width4.48 ft
Height4.76 ft

King Air C90GTx Interior

The King Air C90GTx boasts an enhanced yaw damper system, significantly enhancing passenger comfort during flights. Moreover, the cabin design exudes elegance, creating an illusion of more space than its older counterpart, despite sharing the exact dimensions.

Inside, the typical interior arrangement offers four captain’s chairs in a club seating configuration, complemented by a fifth passenger seat up front, providing a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Retaining the classic touch, standard folding tables adorn the club area walls, adding convenience for work or leisure activities during the journey. Furthermore, the C90GTx maintains the legacy of its predecessors by featuring a lavatory in the rear section, offering convenience for passengers throughout the flight.

FAQ: King Air C90GTx

King Air C90GTx charter provides 1,260 nm of uninterrupted flight.

A King Air C90GTx private jet charter can transport you nonstop for around 3-4 hours.

King Air C90GTx private jet charter requires a runway length of approximately 1,984 feet for takeoff and 2,100 feet for landing.

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