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Piper PA 61 Private Charter Flights

The Piper PA-61 is a twin-engine executive jet from the American manufacturer Piper Aircraft. This multipurpose turboprop aircraft was developed in 1967. A charter on the Piper PA-61 allows you to travel from Los Angeles to Denver, Louisville to Kansas City, or Philadelphia to Memphis.

Piper PA 61 Price Rental

The average cost to charter a Piper PA 61 is around $1,100 per hour.

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Private Jet Charter Piper PA 61

Overview Piper PA 61

The Piper PA-61 has for many years held the record for the fastest closed pad speed for a production twin-piston engine in the business aviation segment. It is a sealed version for overflying with increased gross weight. The aircraft is powered by two Avco Lycoming IO-540-S1A5 piston engines, which can reach speeds of up to 257 kts. In addition, the aircraft can fly at higher altitudes and take on more payload.

General Performance

Luggage Capacity30 cu.ft.
Cruise Speed306 ktas
Certified Ceiling25,000 ft
Takeoff Distance2,440 ft
Landing Distance2,440 ft
Max Takeoff Weight6000 lbs
Max Landing Weight5800 Lb

Cabin Size

Length12,6 ft
Width3,1 ft
Height4 ft

Piper PA 61 Interior

The Piper PA-61 boasts a spacious and accommodating passenger cabin designed to cater to the needs of up to 5 passengers in an executive configuration. The interior of the cabin is thoughtfully designed to offer both functionality and comfort, providing an optimal environment for passengers to work and relax during their journey. 

The cabin features folding tables that allow passengers to set up their workspace, enabling them to work efficiently and effectively while in the air. These convenient tables provide a stable surface for laptops, documents, or other work-related materials, enhancing productivity during the flight. 

To ensure passengers can rest comfortably, the Piper PA-61 cabin is equipped with plush leather seats. These premium seats provide excellent support and comfort, allowing passengers to relax and enjoy a pleasant flying experience. 

FAQ: Piper PA 61

Piper PA-61 charter provides 1,024 nm of uninterrupted flight. It can quickly fly from Los Angeles to Denver, Louisville to Kansas City, or Philadelphia to Memphis.

A Piper PA-61 private jet charter can transport you nonstop for around 2 hours.

Piper PA-61 private jet charter requires a runway length of approximately 2,440 feet for takeoff and 2,440 feet for landing as well.

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