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Cessna 421 Golden Eagle Private Charter Flights

In 1975, Cessna 421 Golden Eagle received approval and was made available for development. It is a compact, twin-engine turboprop that is ideal for quick charter trips. Based on a previous model, the 411, Cessna 421 Golden Eagle private jet charter has been modified in a number of ways to increase demand for aircraft in the private aviation market.

Cessna 421 Golden Eagle Price Rental

The average cost to charter Cessna 421 Golden Eagle is around $1,860 per hour.

For charter rates and availability of Cessna 421 Golden Eagle, please submit the flight request form, or call our agents 24/7 at +1 (212) 840 8000.

Private Jet Charter Cessna 421 Golden Eagle

Overview Cessna 421 Golden Eagle

Cessna 421 Golden Eagle private jet charter is powered by two Continental GTSIO-520D turbocharged engines. The aircraft is equipped with advanced avionics and navigation systems to enhance situational awareness and safety. It typically includes a combination of analog and digital instrumentation, with options for avionics upgrades based on owner preferences. The aircraft may feature communication and navigation systems, weather radar, autopilot, traffic collision avoidance systems (TCAS), and other modern avionics.

General Performance

Luggage Capacity82 ft³
Cruise Speed240 KTAS
Certified Ceiling30200 ft
Takeoff Distance2323 ft
Landing Distance2293 ft
Max Takeoff Weight7450 lbs
Max Landing Weight7200 lbs

Cabin Size

Length7.8 ft
Width4.5 ft
Height4.1 ft

Cessna 421 Golden Eagle Interior

The passenger interior of Cessna 421 Golden Eagle private jet charter benefits productive work. It offers multiple seating configurations and can comfortably accommodate up to eight passengers. In addition, the interior can be customized to suit individual preferences, with various seating arrangements and amenities available, such as a lavatory, galley, and entertainment systems.

FAQ: Cessna 421 Golden Eagle

The range of a Cessna 421 Golden Eagle private aircraft charter is 1,486 nautical miles. This enables advantageous travel between major cities and cross-country flights, such as Boston to Indianapolis or Chicago to Dallas.

A Cessna 421 Golden Eagle private jet can operate for over five hours without refueling. In addition, the actual duration may vary based on factors such as the precise flight profile.

The runway for Cessna 421 Golden Eagle private jet charter is about 2323 ft for takeoff and 2293 ft for landing.

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