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Boeing 717 Private Charter Flights

Boeing 717 is a twin-engine, single-aisle jet airliner designed for the 117-seat market. Initially known as the MD-95, it was designed by McDonnell Douglas before its merger with Boeing in 1997. Boeing 717 private jet charter has found a niche in the market owing to its size, dependability, and performance.

Boeing 717 Price Rental

The average cost to charter a Boeing 717 is around $11,150 per hour. To inquire about charter rates and the availability of Boeing 717, kindly fill out the flight request form or contact our agents around the clock at +1 (212) 840 8000.
Boeing 717 Charter

Boeing 717 Overview

Boeing 717 private jet charter is powered by two Rolls-Royce BR715 engines, which generate sufficient thrust to ensure a smooth and efficient flight. The aircraft has a range of approximately 2,180 nautical miles, making it appropriate for medium-haul missions. Its cruising speed of around 0.77 Mach (about 500 mph) combines efficiency and speed, enabling on-time arrivals for both business and leisure travelers. For more information on chartering a Boeing 717 private jet, price out your flight up or call our agents 24/7 at +1-212-840-8000.

General Performance

Luggage Capacity 730 cu. ft
Cruise Speed 438 ktas
Certified Ceiling 37000 ft
Takeoff Distance 5,500 ft
Landing Distance 4,650 ft
Max Takeoff Weight 110000 lbs
Max Landing Weight 100000 lbs

Cabin Size

Length 76.9 ft
Width 10.94 ft
Height 6.66 ft
Boeing 717 Interior

Boeing 717 Interior

Boeing 717 private jet charter’s cabin can be significantly altered in a private charter configuration. The aircraft may typically hold 19 to 117 passengers depending on the layout. The cabin can have plush couches, divans, private rooms, and cutting-edge entertainment systems in a more opulent configuration. Enhanced noise reduction measures can also be implemented to create a more relaxing and peaceful travel atmosphere.

FAQ: Boeing 717

Boeing 717 has a flight range of up to 2,180 nautical miles, which enables it to comfortably handle medium-distance flights. For example, it can fly nonstop from Los Angeles to Chicago or Miami to New York City. This makes Boeing 717 private jet charter appropriate for several regional routes across continents such as North America or within Europe, such as from London to Istanbul.
The number of hours a Boeing 717 can fly depends on various parameters, including payload, weather conditions, altitude, and the pilot’s chosen speed. Typically, the Boeing 717 can fly for 5 to 6 hours nonstop.
Boeing 717 needs about 5,500 feet of runway to take off and around 4,650 feet for landing.

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