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Piper Boeing 737-300 Charter Flights

Boeing 737-300 is part of the Boeing 737 Classic series, which initially appeared in the 1980s. It was designed as a narrow-body airliner for short – to medium-haul flights. Boeing 737-300 private jet charter is a popular choice because of its size, range, and comfort.

Boeing 737-300 Price Rental

The average cost to charter a Boeing 737-300 is around $17,350 per hour.

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Boeing 737-300 Charter

Boeing 737-300 Overview

Boeing 737-300 private jet charter is powered by two CFM56-3C-1 engines, and it has a range of 2,255 nautical miles, depending on weight, weather conditions, and the jet’s configuration. This range enables nonstop flights across continents, such as New York to Los Angeles or London to Paris, making it a fantastic alternative for business and leisure travel that eliminates the need for refueling stops. The jet cruises at around 480 knots (550 mph), with a maximum cruising altitude of around 35,000 feet. This capacity allows it to fly above most weather disturbances, resulting in a smoother journey. 

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General Performance

Luggage Capacity

822 cu. ft

Cruise Speed

474 ktas

Certified Ceiling

37000 ft

Takeoff Distance

7,546 ft

Landing Distance

6,500 ft

Max Takeoff Weight

139497 lbs

Max Landing Weight

114000 lbs

Cabin Size


72.56 ft


11.6 ft


7.22 ft

Boeing 737-300 Interior

Boeing 737-300 Interior

The interior of Boeing 737-300 private jet charter can be tailored to the exact requirements of individuals or groups. Executive chairs, cutting-edge entertainment systems, specialized galleys, and even bedrooms or conference rooms are all common combinations. The cabin is normally meant to seat up to 148 passengers.

FAQ: Boeing 737-300

Boeing 737-300 has a flight range of about 2,255 nautical miles. This range enables it to comfortably fly transcontinental flights without refueling stops. For instance, it can easily cover routes such as Houston to Seattle, Berlin to Tenerife, and Los Angeles to New York.  

Under normal operating conditions, Boeing 737-300 can fly for 5 to 6 hours. This period can vary depending on flight speed, altitude, and individual weight arrangements.        

Boeing 737-300 needs about 7,546 ft of runway to take off and around 6,500 ft for landing.

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