Hawker 800 XP Private Jet Charter

The Hawker 800XP medium jet, widely regarded as one of Hawker’s most successful aircraft, can carry up to 8 passengers up to 2,955 miles. The aircraft offers improved performance and upgraded systems. The production of the Hawker 800XP began in 1995 and more than 250 aircraft have been built since then.

Hawker 800XP is recognizable by its low/swept wing with a high-mounted horizontal stabilizer together with twin rear fuselage-mounted engines that increased cruise speeds, range, weight limits, and climb performance, and reduced the length for takeoff. Avionics systems, include GPS and a ground proximity warning system. Additional equipment options include high-frequency communications capability and a collision-avoidance system.

The cabin was restyled, with oval window frames, added sidewall lighting, redesigned passenger seats, and personal control of temperature, lights, and entertainment. Each seat is fully adjustable and can rotate 360 degrees.

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Hawker 800XP Overview

  • Capacity: Up to 8 passengers
  • Cabin Length, Height, Width: 21.3 ft, 5.8 ft, 6.0 ft


  • Cruise speed: 461 kts
  • Range: 2955 mi

Hawker 800XP charter rates: around $4,000 per hour.

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