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hawker 900xp charter

Hawker 900XP Private Charter Flights

A cutting-edge midsize business jet from a reputable manufacturer, Hawker 900XP is ideal for business trips with minimal luggage. It was based on the Hawker Beechcraft 800, one of the most well-known designs in the annals of business aviation. Hawker 900XP private jet charter used that model’s vertically-positioned winglets, contemporary avionics, and fuel efficiency.

Since its introduction in 2006, Hawker 900XP has been regarded as one of the most well-liked business aircraft. It expands the well-known Hawker VIP cabin product line for executives, dignitaries, and clients that value comfort. Also, it dramatically enhanced performance in hot and high-altitude environments.

Hawker 900XP Charter Rates

The average cost to charter Hawker 900XP is around $4,500 per hour. For charter rates and availability of Hawker 900XP, please submit the below flight request form, or call our agents 24/7 at +1 (212) 840 8000.

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Hawker 900XP Overview

The new Honeywell Aerospace TFE 731-50R turbofan engines and Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics are featured in the US, and European-approved Hawker 900XP aircraft. The model also has winglets that are positioned vertically, a high-frequency communications system, and affordable flights.

The extended range and the capacity to transport eight passengers over a distance of 3,393 nm without refueling are also seen as features. The charter on the Hawker 900XP private jet is ideal for various flights, including those for family vacations and business excursions.

For more information on chartering a Hawker 900XP private jet, price out your flight up or call our agents 24/7 at +1-212-840-8000.

General Performance

Range 2818 nm
Cruise Speed  446 KTAS
Takeoff Distance  5030 ft
Landing Distance  2650 ft
Useful Weight  9670 lbs
Payload with Full Fuel  1950 lbs


Typical Seating 9
Pilots 2

Cabin Size

Length 21.32 ft
Width 6 ft
Height 5.74 ft

Hawker 900XP Interior

Hawker 900XP Interior

The cabin of Hawker 900XP private jet charter can accommodate up to eight people comfortably. Hawker 900XP has a luggage space in the rear that is accessible the entire flight. A passenger sofa for relaxing is located at the front of the aircraft, directly behind the pilot. Additionally, it has a dining area, restroom, checkroom, luggage area, flat-screen monitors, and communication and multimedia systems.

FAQs: Hawker 900XP

What Is the Flight Range of Hawker 900XP?

The private aircraft Hawker 900XP has a range of 2818 nautical miles, therefore, it can transport you fast to your destination. For instance, a Hawker 900XP charter provides nonstop travel from San Diego to Honolulu and Los Angeles to New York.

How Many Hours Can a Hawker 900XP Fly?

The Hawker 900XP private jet rental typically has a range of 6,5 hours at a cruising speed of about 446 KTAS. Nevertheless, this could change based on the specifics of the flight.

How Long of a Runway Does a Hawker 900XP Need?

Hawker 900XP private jet charter’s runway is approximately 5030 ft for takeoff and at least 2650 ft for landing.