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Citation CJ1+ Private Charter Flights

Cessna’s Citation CJ1+ is a light jet from the Citation family known for its efficiency and comfort. This aircraft, an upgrade of the original CJ1, was introduced to the market in 2005. Citation CJ1+ private jet charter is popular in the market, known for its efficient performance, comfortable cabin, advanced avionics, and cost-effective operation. Its ability to access smaller airports and its operational cost-efficiency make it a popular choice for various travel requirements.

Citation CJ1+ Price Rental

The average cost to charter a Citation CJ1+ is around $2,900 per hour.

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Citation CJ1 Plus Charter

Citation CJ1 Plus Overview

Citation CJ1+ private jet charter, powered by two Williams FJ44-1AP engines, has a cruise speed of around 480 mph (770 km/h) and a range of about 1,300 nautical miles, making it ideal for short- to medium-range flights. Its impressive takeoff and landing performance and ability to operate from shorter runways give it a significant advantage when accessing smaller airports closer to final destinations. Citation CJ1+ cockpit features the Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite, which provides advanced navigational capabilities and improves flight safety. This suite includes systems for weather monitoring, terrain avoidance, and traffic collision avoidance, all contributing to the aircraft’s excellent safety record.

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General Performance

Luggage Capacity

52.98 cu. ft

Cruise Speed

389 ktas

Certified Ceiling

41000 ft

Takeoff Distance

3,251 ft

Landing Distance

2,592 ft

Max Takeoff Weight

10699 lbs

Max Landing Weight

9901 lbs

Cabin Size


10.98 ft


4.82 ft


4.76 ft

Citation CJ1+ Interior

Citation CJ1+ private jet charter is intended to transport small groups of people with a maximum capacity of six passengers. The cabin is designed for comfort and efficiency, with luxury seating, adjustable lighting, and plenty of legroom. The interior is frequently outfitted with club seating, which allows for face-to-face meetings during flights. The aircraft also includes a small galley and a lavatory, which improves comfort for longer flights.

FAQ: Citation CJ1 Plus

Citation CJ1+ has a flight range of about 1,300 nautical miles. This range allows it to travel from New York to Miami or Los Angeles to Seattle without stopping for fuel. Its ability to fly nonstop over such long distances makes it an excellent choice for travelers seeking to connect major cities across the United States or similar geographical areas efficiently and comfortably.

Citation CJ1+ has a nonstop flight capability of about 3 to 4 hours, which is influenced by factors such as wind conditions, cruising speed, and the aircraft’s weight load.

Citation CJ1+ needs about 3,251 feet of runway to take off and around 2,592 feet for landing.

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