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SyberJet SJ30 Private Charter Flights

SJ30 (SyberJet SJ30) is a high-performance light jet recognized for its exceptional speed, range, and altitude. Originally created by Ed Swearingen and later acquired by SyberJet Aircraft, it has undergone several iterations, including the SJ30-2, SJ30i, and SJ30x. For individuals looking to book SJ30 private jet charter, the aircraft offers a unique combination of luxury, efficiency, and capabilities, making it an outstanding choice for business and personal travel.

SJ30 Price Rental

The average cost to charter a SJ30 is around $1,715 per hour.

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SyberJet SJ30 Charter

SyberJet SJ30 Overview

The inaugural flight of the first SJ-30 took place on February 13, 1991, and it was showcased later that year at the Paris Air Show. SJ-30 was conceptualized as an aircraft to accommodate 6 passengers, equipped with two Williams FJ44 turbofan engines and a highly swept wing of a relatively small area for enhanced efficiency, surpassing that of other contemporary business jets. The aircraft series has seen various ownership and production changes, influencing its development and market availability. Despite these obstacles, SJ30 private jet charter has earned a reputation for speed, range, and the unique comfort of its cabin environment, making it a viable alternative in the light jet market.

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General Performance

Luggage Capacity

210 cu. ft

Cruise Speed

464 ktas

Certified Ceiling

49000 ft

Takeoff Distance

3,939 ft

Landing Distance

4,583 ft

Max Takeoff Weight

13950 lbs

Max Landing Weight

12725 lbs

Cabin Size


12.5 ft


4.8 ft


4.3 ft

SyberJet SJ30 Interior

SyberJet SJ30 Interior

The cabin of SJ30 private jet charter is intended to enhance comfort and efficiency, reflecting its status as a high-performance business jet. The aircraft’s interior can accommodate up to six passengers and one pilot, making it relatively large for a light jet. Moreover, the cabin pressure system is a prominent component of SJ30’s interior. It is intended to maintain sea-level cabin pressure up to an altitude of 41,000 feet, considerably reducing passenger weariness on extended flights. This is accomplished using a 12 psi differential pressure, which is more than average for jets of its class, allowing for a cabin height of less than 1,800 feet even when the aircraft is at its maximum altitude of 49,000 feet.

FAQ: SyberJet SJ30

SJ30 has an impressive flight range of around 2,500 nautical miles on a single fuel tank. This feature allows it to travel long distances nonstop, such as from New York to Los Angeles or Chicago to Seattle.  

SJ30 can fly for about 5-6 hours nonstop, depending on cruising speed and flight circumstances.      

SJ30 needs about 3,939 feet of runway to take off and around 4,583 feet for landing.

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