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Citation CJ2+ Private Charter Flights

Citation CJ2+ is a light business jet from Cessna’s CitationJet series, specifically designed for private jet charters. This model is an improved version of the Citation CJ2 and has been well-received in the private aviation market since its introduction. Citation CJ2+ private jet charter provides a unique combination of luxury, efficiency, and versatility, making it an excellent choice for travelers seeking a premium and flexible flying experience.

Citation CJ2+ Price Rental

The average cost to charter a Citation CJ2+ is around $3,350 per hour.

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Citation CJ2 Plus Charter

Citation CJ2+ Overview

Citation CJ2+ private jet charter is powered by two Williams International FJ44-3A-24 turbofan engines, which provide improved performance, including a higher maximum takeoff weight and longer range than its predecessor. Its maximum cruising speed is around 480 mph (770 km/h), and its range is about 1,613 nautical miles, making it suitable for short- and medium-haul flights. The aircraft’s service ceiling of 45,000 feet allows it to fly above most weather and traffic, resulting in a smoother and faster journey. Its runway requirements are modest, with the ability to take off from runways as short as 3,360 feet, allowing access to smaller airports and increasing route planning flexibility.

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General Performance

Luggage Capacity

65 cu. ft

Cruise Speed

418 ktas

Certified Ceiling

45000 ft

Takeoff Distance

3,363 ft

Landing Distance

2,982 ft

Max Takeoff Weight

12500 lbs

Max Landing Weight

11526 lbs

Cabin Size


13.75 ft


4.82 ft


4.75 ft

Citation CJ2 Plus Interior

Citation CJ2+ Interior

Citation CJ2+ private jet charter cabin can comfortably seat up to six passengers, with a standard configuration featuring a club seating arrangement for conversation and business meetings. The interior is designed for comfort and efficiency, with features like adjustable seating, individual climate controls, and plenty of natural light from large windows. The cabin also includes modern amenities such as in-flight Wi-Fi, a refreshment center, and luggage storage.

FAQ: Citation CJ2+

Citation CJ2+ private jet charter has a flight range of about 1,613 nautical miles. This long-range enables it to travel long distances without refueling, making it suitable for a variety of travel requirements. For example, it can fly nonstop from New York to Dallas or London to Rome, giving passengers a comfortable and efficient option for business and leisure travel.

Citation CJ2+ can fly for about 5 hours nonstop, depending on flight conditions, payload, and cruising speed.

Citation CJ2+ needs about 3,363 feet of runway to take off and around 2,982 feet for landing.

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