jetstream 4100 jet

Jetstream 4100

The aircraft was certified in 1991. The fuselage was completely redesigned. The new features wings with increased span, widescreen arrangement, reworked ailerons and flaps. Also features increased luggage capacity due to mounted wing below the…
King Air 250 Jet

Swearingen Metro

The Swearingen Metro is a twin turboprop. It was designed as a longer airliner version as an executive transport. The aircraft features Pratt & Whitney powerful engines. The improvements of the design included reduced cabin noise levels,…
King Air 250 Jet

Pilatus PC12

Pilatus announced the aircraft in 1989. Redesign involved the wings with the addition of winglets to improve performance. A single Pratt & Whitney turboprop engine powers the Pilatus that provides the aircraft with a higher maximum cruise…
King Air 250 Jet

King Air B100

The King Air was deigned for the US army as a staff/utility transport. The King Air 100 was was announced in 1969. Compared with the King air 90 it has a longer fuselage, reduced wing span and larger rudder. General characteristics Capacity:…
King Air 250 Jet

King Air 350

The King Air 350 takes history from 1989 with a stretched fuselage and winglets. The aircraft recognized by its low/straight wing with winglets, two wings mounted, swept T-tail and swept horizontal stabilizer. It is powered by two Pratt &…
King Air 250 Jet

Citation X

This jet features a low/swept wing with twin Rolls Royce engines Citation X has great fuel efficiency and speed. An excellent choice for transcontinental flights across the US and trans-Atlantic. The Citation X’s seats are customizable…
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